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Audit & Statutory Compliance

We are compliance and audit professional who provides expert advice and guidance to organizations on matters related to regulatory compliance, risk management, and internal auditing. We work with businesses to ensure that they comply with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. We help organizations to identify and manage risks and ensure that their operations align with industry best practices.

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HRBS will conduct a thorough review of the organization's policies, procedures, and internal controls to identify areas that need improvement. We will also provide recommendations for changes that will help the organization to achieve its goals while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements.


In addition, we also help organizations with internal audits, which are conducted to assess the effectiveness of internal controls, identify deficiencies, and make recommendations for improvement. They may also assist with external audits, which are conducted by regulatory bodies or external auditors to review the organization's financial statements or compliance with specific regulations.

Comprehensive Solutions

Be legally compliant by using our services at affordable cost. We provide end-to-end services when it comes to business compliance. 

On Time Service & Confidential

We believe that every business is unique and equally important. We provide a schedule and stick to the timelines

Inspection Support

In addition to compliances, we also provide support in preparing statutory documents & supporting in compliance inspections. 

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Startup Compliances

  • Legal advice

  • Compliance planning. to develop a compliance plan that meets specific needs.

  • Compliance implementation. To help start-ups implement their compliance plan 

  • Training. Train your employees on compliance.

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Compliance Documentation

- Updating all licenses

- Monthly Payroll Compliance

- Regulatory Compliances

- Pollution CTO Compliance

- Fire NOC Compliance

- CGWA Compliance

- Factory Act Compliance

- SNC Compliance

- Checking online portals

- Monthly Compliance Report

Licence Management

- Monthly Compliance Management for all applicable licenses

- Licensing (Shop & Commercial Establishment Act, Fire, Pollution, Factory Act, Udyam Registration, Company Act, PF, ESI, PT, LWF, EPR, CGWA, GST, Industrial Employment Act & Local Authority Permissions)

- Support in notices related to licenses / compliance.

- Compliance Inspection Management & Support

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Payroll Compliance

- Monthly PF/ESI/LWF/PT        Challans

- Monthly Payroll Audit

- Inspection Management &       Support

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Compliance Audit

- Payroll Compliance Audit

- Regulatory Compliances

- Quarterly Compliance Audit

- Annual Compliance Audit

- On-site Compliance Audit

- Online Compliance Audit

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Industrial Relation

Managing your workforce may be tricky & layoff or termination may attract notice if rules are not followed. We provide following services in this area;

- Retrenchment / Lay-off advice

- Terminating employee for poor performance

- Issues with employee transfer

- Union related matters

- Negotiations with Union

- Settlement in court cases


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