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Digital HR Transformation


Put your people first and free up time for what is important. Using HR software can help you to streamline all HR requirements and functions that are involved in people management.


HR digital transformation is essential for businesses looking to stay competitive in today's digital age. By embracing technology and streamlining HR processes, businesses can create an engaged and productive workforce that drives growth and success.

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Digital HR, Transformation, HRIS, HRMS, HCM implementation

HRBS will conduct a thorough review of the organization's policies, procedures, and internal controls to understand the need for digital HR. We will also map policy & processes to integrate the system that will help the organization to achieve its goals while while creating an improved employee experience. 

We provide onsite and online implementation of digital HR solutions. We manage the entire workforce lifecycle with HR software that can be customized as per business need.

Digital HR solutions automate processes and free up Team HR to focus on strategic initiatives.

Comprehensive Services

Starting from suggesting a software, we support in implementation and also provide managed services for HRIS as per business needs.

On Time Service & Confidential

We believe that every business is unique and equally important. We provide a schedule and stick to the timelines


We carefully choose & implement a software as per business needs for greater ROI of implemented solution.

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Suggesting Solutions

  • Create a business understanding

  • Understanding business strategy

  • Understanding the expectations & objectives from digital transformation

  • Digital maturity of the business

  • Employee readiness challenges

  • Software Reviews with Management

  • Final selection of solution 

Rock Formation


All required data is carefully uploaded or migrated to the new software so as to support the new architecture & drive desired results.


Based on the technical, organisational & cultural dependencies, we support to decide the practical implementation schedule for your business.

The same is reviewed weekly to assess the progress of the implementation. 

Blue Smoke

Go Live

We go live as per implementation plan and training is provided to all stakeholders for modules to be rolled out.

We support at least 3 months post go live of the project to ensure desired outcome.

Dark Ocean

Technical Support

Support for software integration is crucial for ensuring that different systems can work together seamlessly. When integrating software, it's important to have a support team that can assist with any issues that may arise during the process. This includes providing guidance on best practices, troubleshooting problems, and offering solutions to any technical challenges. 

Night Lights

Managed Services

We have the flexibility to manage the software at our end as per business requirements.


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